Lebanon, MO, in the beautiful Ozarks
The aluminum boat building capital of the world.
It's fitting that the world's most popular aluminum boats are built in the heartland of America, in a region with a rich heritage of boat building that spans generations. Here, craftsmen grounded in the skills of aluminum cutting, forming, welding, fabricating and finishing have applied best-in-class manufacturing strategies to raise the bar on quality and efficiency. The TRACKER® Production System employs the discipline of Lean Sigma techniques used by global leaders in the automotive, aerospace, appliance, computer and medical equipment industries to deliver never-ending improvement, high quality and appealing products that bring years of enjoyment to their owners.

Tracker Marine Group Lebanon plant

What does Lean Sigma mean to you?
Quality, reliable products, continuous improvement and lower costs that translate into lower prices are the hallmarks of companies that employ Lean Sigma in their operations. Like General Electric, Ford, Toyota, The Boeing Company, Whirlpool and Xerox, to name just a few.

The term Lean Sigma applies to business systems or companies that employ Lean principles and Six Sigma techniques to achieve cost reduction through the elimination of waste, develop a culture of continuous improvement and ultimately control processes and reduce variation to deliver near-perfect products and services.

Lean principles have helped us eliminate delays, duplication of efforts, inferior supplier quality, erratic production schedules and excessive parts inventories, all of which cost money and contribute to higher prices. Lean thinking has also helped us become more versatile and more efficient, attributes that enable us to better control our costs and deliver more value to our customers.

The Voice of the Customer is where it starts.
Meeting and exceeding the needs and wants of consumers is at the heart of any product or service. The TRACKER Production System receives guidance from continuous feedback from boat buyers regarding their total experience with our boats and the dealers that support them. Every single boat buyer is invited to participate in a sequence of surveys that begins right after delivery and continues as they use their boat and return for service at their dealer. Our quest to build the perfect boat also takes us into conversations with would-be boat buyers who also share their dreams for outdoor and family recreation. The result is better-built boats and creative ideas for future new products.

Function is at the heart of the solution.
Our response to what we hear from consumers ultimately has to make their experience better. Plus, the competitive marketplace drives us to develop solutions that stand out relative to our competitors. Over the years, this has led us to introduce hull designs that deliver superior smooth, dry rides with impressive stability, durability and performance. Our improvements and innovations have to work, solve problems and improve the overall boating experience.