Sargo’s promise for the 21st century: We take common sense from Finland and turn it into an exciting boating experience anywhere.

Our brand promise is to provide a true all-weather boat made in Finland for serious boaters, whether Professional or pleasure. Sargo stands for a smart sport utility boat that is made tol ast, to provid excellent performance characteristics even in demanding conditions, and to give true value for the invested Money.

For 47 years we were known under the much-acclaimed brand Minor, but in June 2014 we decided to launch a new brand name Sargo. It is a fresh new brand better suited to our ever growing international market, yet based on a very successful, long-standing and rock-solid tradition. The key brand characteristics for Sargo are: solidity, safety and tough sportiness. This information will shed light on these qualities while presenting you six excellent all-season boats.

We take boatbuilding very seriously just to make your boating more fun.

Your safety at sea can never be taken for granted. That's why safety is one of the cornerstones of the Sargo brand.

Our When your choice is Sargo, there are no compromises made as to how solidly built and well-equipped your boat is. You will always be leaving the harbor on board a very safe vessel. The idea of rigorous quality is one of our core values. Moreover, Sargo standard means that we deliver a generous list of features and equipment.

Every Sargo boat is standard-equipped with a multitude of safety features: a complete set of the latest navigation instruments, a bow thruster (28'-36'), an automatic power trim (PTA) and marine window defrosters. What's more, all larger Sargos (28'-36') delivered offer as standard three independent batteries, each in their own compartments, for the service, engine start and bow thruster functions - just to enchance your safety. All of our models have a certified installation of world-renowned Volvo Penta diesel engines, ensuring the ultimate compatibility between the stern drive, engine and the Sargo hull. Naturally, there is a very comprehensive list of optional equipment to customize your Sargo to your own specifications.

Our home enviroment, the Gulf of Bothnia, is known for its storms and choppy waves. That's why Sargo boats are built for all kinds of weather.

The Ostrobothnian boat builders learned their craft in tough Arctic conditions. Every Sargo is a true all-season boat whose speed, handling and rid can take you safely beyond the usual comfort zone of good weather. Our tranquil Finnish midsummer sunshine can turn into a nasty autumun storm sooner than you expect. Therefore we have designed and built Sargo's hull to withstand rough seas wherever you take her.

The thickness of the hull and the supporting beams are all designed with safety in mind. A heavy-duty hull keeps the center of weight low enough while ensuring stability and durability. What's more, Sargo's tough and hydrodynamic hull is renowned for its very quiet ride, even in rougher seas. Our test crews have spent hours and hours at sea to ensure that our brand lives up to its reputation. For any new Sargo owner and skipper, it is truly comforting to know that your vessel offers more safety margin than you might ever need. Sargo's capabilities as an all-season vessel have been officially proven as our complete model range (25-36 ft) is internationally certified as B-Offshore.

In most situations Sargo effortlessly leaves most of the competitors in its wake. Both on paper and at sea.

The fact is Sargo is nothing less than lots of fun to drive. The vessel's sporty handling, responsiveness in turns and refined ride characteristics are an invaluable bonus for anyone looking for exhilarating challenges at sea. You can confidently push your Sargo towards the limits without even getting close to them.

Sargo is a multi-role boat with a strong sporty character. Every Sargo, whatever the size, is bound to be a versatile vessel suited to many kins of boating. It is a great choice whether you spend your maritime family vacation cruising offshore or use this true all-weather boat for transporation between the mainland and your island getaway. Most leisure skippers appreciate that we deliver Sargos for serious professional use as well.

The whole Sargo concept is based on our unique Al-In-One Sport Utility theme: you don't have to sacrifice the fun of boating to the common sense of it. The Sargo experience offers you the best of both worlds. A Sargo is a true sport utility vessel made in Finland. It offers you confident, sensible boating - and loads of fun at sea. What more can you ask for?