Salona S550 (NEW)
Salona Yachts S550 (NEW)

Salona S550

Modern cruiser racer with focus on performance, proper cruising function and pleasing actual aesthetics. All leading-edge naval architecture features are incorporated in wise way, ending in a boat that will be fun, sporty and easy to control, a joy for the present-day sailor.
The boat shows a modern hull with powerful ends, very sleek overall. Careful attention to heeling attitude and balance was taken, something crucial for the cruising life. Form stability was generated with a smooth rounded bilge amidships turning into a chine towards the stern. The chine helps to rise the form stability and prismatic coefficient under heeling, allowing high speed potentiality. Underwater volume distribution is carefully directed for a proper keel, trim, and sail plan balance, a much needed solid foundation.
The Keel ending in an aggressive T type bulb, shows an effort to lower the overall center of gravity, not extreme laminar foil sections were studied to suit properly the keel local relative speeds (Reynold numbers).
The rudder is a racing type high aspect planform ending in an almost square tip shape, always working in the high, deep pressure zones, allowing high control under heeling and tight reaching scenarios.
A generous sail plan with no overlapping genoas, shows an astern mast position allowing for big genoas, code zeros and gennakers. There is the possibility of adding a bowsprit to increase even further the gennakers areas.
The deck overall thinking was towards a clean, simple, minimalistic and as few disturbing elements as possible. Helmsman position is well abeam, with a great vision of waves, telltales and boat overall. All halyards are hidden under the cabin, rising directly to their winches. Long cockpit seats are out of foresails maneuvers and will make life easier for guests, but as working functions are cleverly separated, racing crew could work properly under maneuvers.

Technical data

  • Length Overall (LOA)
    16,15 m
  • Length Waterline (LWL)
    14,06 m
  • Beam Max
    4,7 m
  • Draft
    2,9 m
  • Displacement Empty
    16.400 kg
  • Ballast
    xy kg
  • I
    xy m
  • J
    xy m
  • P
    xy m
  • E
    xy m
  • Mainsail full batten
    xy m2
  • Genoa furling
    xy m2
  • Sails area total
    xy m2
  • Fresh water tank
    650 L
  • Black water tank
    40 L
  • Fuel tank
    500 L
  • Engine
    Yanmar 55 kW (75HP)
  • Design Category
    A (Ocean)
  • Certification
    DNV - GL (DIRECTIVE 94/25/EC)
  • Design
    Javier Soto Acebal